XLIII International Sodebras Congress

19 Nov - 21 Nov
São Paulo - sp
Mais informações:
Ouvinte R$ 400
Paper 1st call - até 31 de Agosto R$ 1000
Paper 2nd call - até 30 de Setembro R$ 1200
Paper 3rd call - até 25 de Outubro R$ 1400
Submissão aberta
O envio pode ser feito de 01 AGO até 25 OUT no link:
Programação Científica:
The Congress may treat various scopes such as: 1. Energy 2. Transports 3. Health and nutrition 4. Electric Cars, hybrid cars, biodiesel cars… 5. Education 6. Employment 7. Agriculture 8. Local development 9. Regional Development 10. State Development 11. National Development 12. International Development 13. National Technology 14. Alternative (cost less than R $ 200.00 / m2) or traditional housing 15. Services 16. Entrepreneurship 17. Industries or Hospitals? 18. Industries with the latest technology or industries for job creation? 19. Niobium or aluminum? 20. High-speed railways or highways? 21. Owners of wagons of modernized railways or truck fleets? 22. Renewable energies or thermoelectric and hydroelectric plants? 23. Public safety or education? 24. Soap operas time or study time (6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.)? 25. Distance education or face-to-face education? 26. Didactic books or Internet? 27. Doctors or technicians? 28. Full or Part-Time school? 29. Environment and development 30. Recovery of degraded urban and rural areas 31. Environmental policies and their impact on society 32. Knowledge and management of biodiversity 33. Send other suggestions or strategic solutions for the Development of Brazil. We look forward to hearing from you through your presentations and papers; if you do not find a topic that fits your research, please let us know about your topic.
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Contatos da Organização:
E-mail: sodebras@sodebras.com.br